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About Malta

Malta, officially the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta’ Malta), is a small and densely-populated island nation comprising an archipelago of seven islands three of which are inhabited. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea within Southern Europe just thirty-seven miles south of Sicily; further south is North Africa giving the country a warm climate.

The country’s official languages are Maltese and English, the latter of which is a legacy from Malta’s period as a British colony – the United Kingdom is the most recent outside ruling power. Malta gained independence in 1964 and is currently a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, as well as the European Union which it joined in 2004.


Malta – a Mediterranean island and the Institute’s seat – is a place the nationsfrom all over the world encounter. Openness and amicable attitude of local inhabitants contribute not only to an exceptional relax, yet they allow for enhancement of your language skills. Each year Malta hosts a few million of visitors. A great majority of them combines holidays in the sun with English courses offered by professional language schools. Malta strongly supports pro-family values. A tiny local community fosters its culture  and takes care of their relatives. Simultaneously, Maltese always extend their hospitality to the tourists visiting the island.

The human being and his/her personal relations seem to be of top priority. Local businesses, operating successfully on the market, often have
a multi-generational  tradition. The success they have achieved is based on trust in their leaders – owners and experts. Malta, with its central location and easy access from Europe as well as a unique culture and tradition, has been a perfect place to set up the Institute of Personal Branding. The place, where the human and its values are the most essential components.