To us, business is personal.

Rules of the Council

  1. The Council, viagra as an authority responsible for advising and assessing to the Institute of Personal Branding, prostate composes of top class experts, the persons bolstering strategic goals and the operating program of the Institute.
  2. Selection of Members of the Council and the invitation process are based upon reasonable procedures.
  3. Each Member of the Council is a specialist operating in a particular field and shows considerable concern for construction of coherent and authentic expert?s personal brand.
  4. Each Member of the Council participates in sessions and meetings of the Council, which aim at developing of the Institute, striving for building up of firm value, the value of specialists representing it and the Institute?s Clients.
  5. Due to the expertise in various areas, Members of the Council support the Institute, present their suggestions and opinions on issues related to the development strategy of the Institute of Personal Branding. Simultaneously, Members of the Council represent different business approaches. The final decision on the direction of the Institute?s expansion is taken by the head of the organization.
  6. The sessions of the Council shall be ordinary or extraordinary.
  7. The Council is not a one-off committee appointed to implement a particular project, yet it operates as a permanent body.
  8. Membership in the Affiliated Council shall be ceased upon termination or recall by the Institute.

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